Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Cover – Reinforced Vinyl – For 350 Pound Extinguisher

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Outfit your warehouse, work complex, or other industrial setting with a reinforced vinyl fire extinguisher cover designed for large, 350-pound industrial wheeled fire extinguishers.

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This fire extinguisher cover made by Logistics Supply is designed for use with 350-pound wheeled fire extinguishers. The dimensions are 58 inches tall x 52 inches wide x 38 inches deep.

The cover is made of reinforced vinyl. Use this cover to protect your fire extinguishers from debris and corrosion, and┬ámake sure they’re ready for use when it’s time to deal with an emergency.

This wheeled fire extinguisher cover uses hook-and-loop (“velcro”) closures. It is red with black imprint wording “WHEELED FIRE EXTINGUISHER” to clearly indicate its purpose. The cover also has black trim.