Yellow Fire Extinguisher Tamper Seals – Box of 500, 9-Inch

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This product is a box of 500 yellow colored fire extinguisher tamper seals. Each of them is 9-inches long.


Yellow Tamper Seals for Fire Extinguishers  – Box of 500, 9-Inch

Tamper seals let inspectors of a fire extinguisher know when it’s been tampered with.  A broken or missing seal identifies an issue.

These fire extinguisher tamper seals are are made with one-piece plastic construction. The seals are adjustable and can pull tight for a secure fit. They are 9 inches long.

These tamper seals have no expiration. They are also UL recognized.

This product includes 500 yellow colored tamper seals in a single bag. also carries fire extinguisher tamper seals in red, blue, and green.

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