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A-150-RG-36 Steel Wheeled Fire Extinguisher

A-150-RG-36 Steel Wheeled Fire Extinguisher

A-150-RG-36 Steel Wheeled Fire ExtinguisherThe A-150-RG-36 Steel Wheeled Fire Extinguisher is a pressure regulated monoammonium phosphate agent extinguisher that is rechargeable. The chemical agent can extinguish Class A, Class B and/or Class C fires. This model is designed with large 36-inch steel wheels, is weight balanced for easy one-man operation where movement may require navigation through doorways, around corners and into hard to reach places. The Buckeye A-150-RG-36 can be transported by any vehicle with a hitch when fitted with tow loops.

Wheeled fire extinguishers, such as the Buckeye A-150-RG-36, can be found at a variety of locations including warehouses, construction sites, chemical plants, loading docks, commercial buildings, storage units, or any other building, business or area where a more large-scale fire may occur.


Agent Capacity
The Buckeye A-150-RG-36 has an agent capacity of 125lbs (56.7 kg). The extinguisher uses a monoammonium phosphate-based agent which is ideal for Class A, Class B, and Class C fires.

UL Rating:
The Buckeye A-150-RG-36 has a UL Rating of 30-A:240-B:C. The breakdown of the UL rating for the Buckeye Model A-150-RG-36 would look like this:

A = Class A fire and the amount of chemicals/agent in the wheeled fire extinguisher equivalent to the amount of water the extinguisher holds equal to 1.25 gallons of water. The number 30 that precedes the class fire letter A is the number of equivalents. Therefore, the 30A equates to 37.5 gallons of water extinguishing capability (30 x 1.25 = 37.5).

B = The number 240 that precedes the letters B:C is the number of square feet that the extinguisher can cover or is able to extinguish. Therefore, a 240B equates to being able to extinguish 240 square feet of a Class B fire.

C = The C in the equation means the agent is non-conductive and could also be used on a Class C fire.

Note: While the Buckeye A-150-RG-36 can be used on Class C fires, It should not be used on sensitive electrical equipment as the agent may damage the equipment.

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The Buckeye A-150-RG-36 is an ABC Dry Chemical fire extinguisher.

Discharge Time and Range
The Buckeye A-150-RG-36 has a discharge time of 44 seconds of continual spray and a range of 30-40 feet, depending on environmental conditions such as the wind, temperature, or humidity.

Unit Weight
The Buckeye A-150-RG-36 weighs a total of 422 lbs (191 kg).

The Buckeye A-150-RG-36 is 55 inches (139 cm) in height, 32 inches (81.3 cm) in width, and 46 inches (117 cm) in depth.

The Buckeye A-150-RG-36 comes fitted with a 50-foot hose and is .75 inches in diameter.

Wheel Type and Size
The Buckeye A-150-RG-36 comes with steel wheels that are 36 inches (91.4 cm) by 2.4 inches (6.4 cm).

Additional Features:

– Regulated pressure unit
– UL, ULC, DOT/TC compliant
– Steel frame
– All metal valve and discharge nozzles
– Tow loop option available
– Epoxy powder coating
– Meets the ANSI/UL 299 and ANSI/UL 711 standards


Is there a smaller ABC Wheeled Fire Extinguisher available?
Yes. The A-150-RG-36 has a 125 lb agent capacity which is larger than the following wheeled ABC fire extinguishers.
– 50MB ABC (Badger)
– A-50-SP ABC (Buckeye)
– OS A-50-SP ABC (Buckeye Offshore)

Can the Buckeye A-150-RG-36 be used on oil rigs or boat docks?
The Buckeye A-150-RG-36 fire extinguishers is USCG approved. However, for fire extinguishers that will be used offshore they need to specifically state “Offshore” or have OS in the name description.

The reason for this is because of the harsh weather environmental conditions that exist along the coastline or out on oil rigs. The sea sault, sun and other factors can cause rust or damage to the fire extinguisher. Therefore, it is recommended that an offshore fire extinguisher be used.

Offshore fire extinguishers are coated with three extra layers of galvanized compound to prevent rust and corrosion that may occur.

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Can the Buckeye A-150-RG-36 be used on sensitive electrical equipment?
No. Only fire extinguishers that use a residue-free extinguishing agent such as Halotron I or Carbon Dioxide as the extinguishing agent are suitable for use on sensitive electrical equipment.

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