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Are Rain Jacket Reflective Strips Helpful?

Driving at night - OSDA few nights ago, while I was driving back from visiting my parents, I saw a jogger nearly get hit by a car. I could tell that the driver of the other vehicle didn’t see the jogger – I dont blame him or her as the jogger was wearing a black jacket with dark blue sweat pants. Although most people do not have a safety vest in their wardrobe, whenever I’m driving in the dark or rain and fail to see a pedestrian as soon as I’d like, I wish everyone was wearing reflective gear! 

So, are rain jackets reflective strips helpful? YES! A reflective stripe acts as a source of light as it bounces the light from headlights or street lamps into onlookers’ eyes to make the wearer more visible. It is beneficial in a variety of situations. 

The obvious few individuals who have safety reflective strips on their apparel are safety workers at construction sites or traffic control workers. Emergency personnel may also have reflective stripes on safety vests so they are visible in all sorts of situations where they are needed so that citizens can see them coming. 

Whether you are a safety worker, work on a construction site or not, being seen on a rainy day, thunderstorm or when it’s getting dark outside can keep everyone safe. 

Reflective Apparel for Everyone

Investing in a reflective vest or jacket to wear while running is a great idea, especially if you plan on running in the dark or in low visibility settings such as rain or snow. However, a reflective vest isn’t always fashionably sensible for someone who is out at night with friends and family to dinner or the movies. As a result, some companies have designed high-quality apparel that have built-in safety reflective strips on the jacket.

One such company is Charles River Apparel. They have a line of rain jackets that are fashionable, comfortable and durable. The jackets are designed with a safety reflective strip on the jacket. The great thing is that the company has jackets for all ages (Adults to Toddlers). Having rain jackets with a built-in safety reflective strip will greatly improve the ability of drivers to see you in the dark, rain or snow! It is especially helpful for younger children who may not be tall enough to be as visible to oncoming cars. Teaching kids to stay out of the road can take a few months before they grasp the seriousness of the situation and develop the maturity to be able to follow through with that understanding. 

Our whole family has the Charles River Rain Jacket in a matching color for the girls. The similar color for the girls helps us spot them quickly and easily when we are in large crowds. I like that they are light and compact well so they do not take up a lot of space on trips and can easily packed in my car, bag or purse. They are small enough so that we can store them in the back of our car for quick access when it starts getting cooler and dark outside. The jackets are not tight-fitting so they can also act as an outer layer over a big sweater in the Fall or Spring depending upon your weather. I have also found that because they are not tight fitted, they fit my kids for years and I don’t have to worry about them outgrowing them in the first season. 

Charles River Rain Jackets for the whole Family

At the park, kids can become distracted easily and with all the excitement of playing can easily forget the dangerous road only a few feet away. Likewise, it is easy to become distracted while driving these days. If you add little wet roads or setting sun, visibility can decrease quickly. I always feel more comfortable when my kids have a reflective strip on their jacket to make sure they can always be seen. 

It is also easier for me to spot them in the yard when it starts getting dark. I am a big believer that it definitely takes a village to raise a community and if we want others to watch out for our children when we aren’t in reach than let’s make sure they can always be seen.

Below are the rain jackets we got for our family – I highly recommend them! – Stay Safe!

1- Men’s New Englander Rain Jacket 9199
Women’s New Englander Rain Jacket 5099
Girls New Englander Rain Jacket 4099
Youth New Englander Rain Jacket 8099
Children’s New Englander Rain Jacket 7099
Toddler New Englander Rain Jacket 6099

Guest Post By: EMILY