Author: Trevor Perkes

Fires of the Twentieth Century: Devastation and Change

Fires of the Twentieth Century: Devastation and Change During the twentieth century several large-scale fires resulted in significant loss of life and property, most of which can be contributed to a lack of fire prevention and safety regulations. Subsequent investigation into the cause of these fires and why so many people died yielded knowledge that lead to the development and implementation of regulations designed to reduce the occurrence and magnitude of fire disasters. Hoboken, New Jersey Port Fire – June 30, 1900 The first notable large-scale fire disaster of the twentieth century was the Hoboken, New Jersey Dock Fire...

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Offshore Fire Extinguishers Now Available

Announcement: is pleased to announce that we now offer Buckeye Offshore Portable and  Wheeled Fire Extinguishers. These rugged and dependable fire extinguishers are manufactured to meet DOT and Transport Canada requirements and UL’s rigorous standards for industrial and commercial hazard and fire protection. Key Features of Buckeye Offshore Wheeled Fire Extinguishers: Rugged steel cylinders and wheeled model frames are treated with a galvanizing compound undercoat, baked-on enamel top coat, and protective clear coat finish to prevent corrosion and fading from exposure to sun and sea. Tested and passes to provide protection in a 3000-hour salt spray test Stainless...

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Common-Sense Solution to the Dilemma of “To Use or Not to Use” Industrial Back Belts

 Industrial Back Belts – “To Use or Not to Use”  For decades individuals, organizations and agencies have engaged in research and discussion/argument regarding the benefit, real or imagined, of industrial back belts to prevent low back injuries, which accounts for 20% of all workplace injuries. As reported in multiple articles and discussion based forums, the proposed mechanisms for low back injury prevention center around the belts ability to increase intra-abdominal pressure that helps keep the spinal column more stable through reduced movement, serves as a reminder to the person wearing the belt that they are to lift properly according...

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Announcement: is pleased to announce that we have expanded our line of Badger Wheeled Fire Extinguishers to further meet the demands of our customers. Available immediately are 50 lb and 125 lb fire extinguishing agent models of ABC and Purple K Dry Chemical fire extinguishers. These heavy-duty fire extinguishers are UL and ULC listed, DOT compliant, and USCG approved. All models are rechargeable with the ABC Dry Chemical extinguishers suited for use on Class A, Class B, and Class C fires, and the Purple K Dry Chemical extinguishers suited for Class B and Class C fires. As a...

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