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Bathroom Assistance Every Bathroom Should Have

Bathroom Assistance Every Bathroom Should Have

The bathroom can be a dangerous place, whether you are in need of assistance or not. In 2008, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) conducted a study which concluded that slipping and falling in the bathroom was the most common reason for injuries in the bathroom. You can read more about that study by clicking HERE.

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I was surprised to learn that age was not a major factor when it came to falls in the bathroom. According to the CDC, everyone is at near similar risk of slipping and falling in the bathroom. The primary danger of slipping and falling in the bathroom is the possibility of hitting your head on the counter, floor or tub when you fall. These injuries can range from slight to severe, and even death. However, falls in the bathroom can be largely avoided with some simple assistance devices.

Whether you are 15 years old or 80 years old, there are some simple and inexpensive assistance devices that are made specifically for the bathroom. I highly recommend getting these devices listed below to increase the safety of your bathroom and reduce the risk of falling.

Bathroom Mats and Tub Grips

Have you read our article about the most dangerous room in your house? It may surprise you to learn that bathroom accidents are responsible for sending more people to the hospital than mishaps that occur in any other room in the house. Most of the accidents happen due to slipping! That is why bath mats and tub grips are our number one choice of safety accessories for your bathroom. The water-resistant surface that coats most areas in the bathroom is also what makes most surfaces in the room slick and slippery when wet. Despite our best attempts, bathroom surfaces seem to inevitably collect water in the form of a puddle, droplets or mist. Bathroom mats provide the necessary barrier between your foot and the slippery, nearly frictionless surface on the tub or shower surfaces. Mats and grips are affordable, simple to apply, and are not a permanent addition to your bathroom.

Hand Rails

Second on our list is the hand railing. A hand rail can be an extended hand of support exactly when and where you need it in the bathroom. There are three main options when it comes to hand rails in the bathroom, they are: suction cups, clamp-on and fixed hand rails.

Suction Cup Handrails:

The suction cups style is not as intrusive and doesn’t require any tools to install. Simply place the hand rails in a location that is most comfortable for you to grab onto when getting into and out of the shower or tub. A lever system allows you to firmly apply the cups to the surface. Be sure that the cups are properly and safely secured to the wall of the bathtub/shower by testing them beforehand.
Note: Surface must be clean and smooth for the cups to properly adhere to the walls.

Fixed Handrails:

If you are not sure that the suction cup handrails are durable or strong enough to hold you if you were to slip and grasp it, then the permanently fixed handrails may be a good option for you. The fixed handrails are installed using screws and need to be placed where there is a stud behind the wall. When installed correctly, they are highly durable and will support your weight should you grasp it in the process of a fall.

Clamp-on Handrails:

Clamp-on rails are a great option for those who are a little hesitant of the suction Cups, but don’t want to use the more intrusive or permanent hand rails. The clamp-on hand rails are extremely easy to install and work with most bathtub or shower surfaces. Based on reviews, it is just as sturdy and durable as the permanently installed handrails but is easy to remove.

This is a great option for those who bathe a lot. The grips are designed is such a way that you can easily lower and raise yourself from the bathtub.

If you struggle with your balance a steady hand rail is certainly worth installing in your bathroom and highly recommended regardless of your age, as studies have shown the age of the person is irrelevant when it comes to slipping in the bathroom.

Shower Head Hose

Whenever you move around in the bathroom there is the risk of slipping. The Shower hose helps you rinse your entire body without consistently moving and turning around in the shower. This is an inexpensive addition to your shower and easy to install. IN addition, the shower hose is extremely helpful when bathing little kids and adults who need assistance. You can direct the water to the location needed to rinse and clean.


Regardless of your age or fit level, everyone is at risk of possibly slipping and falling in the bathroom. I highly recommend getting these simple and inexpensive bathroom assistance devices for each of your bathrooms. They have proven their worth in helping to reduce falls and other mishaps while bathing or showering. As with so many helpful devices, those that offer prevention to potentially harmful events from occurring to you or your family members simply makes sense to incorporate as part of your overall home safety program.