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Buckeye Deionized Water


Download the official Buckeye Deionized Water fire extinguishers fire agent MSDS spec sheet:

Buckeye Fire manufactures a line of Deionized Water fire extinguishers that discharge a fine mist of water droplets that effectively cool and suffocate a fire without leaving any residue. The deionized water is non-conductive and non-toxic. This clean agent is most often used on Class A (combustible) and Class C (electrical) fires and a safe option for many classes of fires making it an ideal choice for many Home and worksite settings.

Buckeye’s MSDS for this extinguishing agent is included for download above and below.

Here is a summary of the information included in the Buckeye MSDS PDF.

Section 1: Chemical Product and Company Overview

This section simply lists what the product is called along with the contact information for Buckeye Fire.

Section 2: Hazard Identification and Emergency Overview

Because deionized water fire extinguishers do not contain hazardous material (hazardous compound or carcinogen) no Safety Data Sheet is legally required.  However, for general information purposes it is noted that all HMIS Rating categories are listed as “0”, it is considered stable, and not considered a regulated substance for transportation.