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Buckeye Model C-50-SE 50 lb. Carbon Dioxide Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Model Number 35050

Buckeye Carbon Dioxide Model C-50-SE 50The Buckeye Model C-50-SE is one of two carbon dioxide wheeled fire extinguishers made by Buckeye. Businesses who need a larger carbon dioxide wheeled fire extinguisher should consider looking at the Buckeye Model C-1000-SE and model C-50-SE.  Both of which are sold by Online Safety Depot. The Buckeye Model C-50-SE  has a lighter steel frame, 15-foot hose, and well-balanced design which allows for a single person to transport the unit through doorways, around corners and into hard to reach places to extinguish any Class B and/or Class C fires.

The Buckeye Model C-50-SE is built with carbon steel cylinders and coated with a polyester epoxy topcoat that ensures its ability to withstand harsh environments and conditions that are needed for these types of fire extinguishers. Carbon dioxide wheeled fire extinguishers are DOT/TC & UL/ULC approved.

The buckeye model C-50-SE, can be found in warehouses, commercial buildings, shipboard use, chemical plants, construction sites, storage units, refineries, research buildings, military bases, loading docks, and any other building, businesses or area where a more significant Class B and C fires may occur.

Buckeye Model C-50-SE Features:

Buckeye Model C-50-SE: Agent Capacity
The Buckeye Model C-50-SE has an agent capacity of 100lb. The extinguisher uses a carbon dioxide pressured gas as an agent which is ideal for Class B, and Class C fires.

Buckeye Model C-50-SE: UL Rating
The Buckeye Model C-50-SE has a UL Rating of 20B:C. The breakdown of the UL rating for the Buckeye Model C-50-SE would look like this:

B = The number 20 that precedes the letters B:C is the number of square feet that the extinguisher can cover or is able to extinguish. Therefore, a 20B equates to being able to extinguish 20 square feet of a Class B fire.

C = The C in the equation means the agent is non-conductive and could also be used on a Class C fire.

Note: The Buckeye Model C-50-SE is often used for fires that involve sensitive equipment.
*The Buckeye Model C-500-SE is not suitable for Class A fires.

If you want to understand the UL Rating better, consider reading our other article titled, “Fire Extinguisher UL Rating: What it Means?

The Buckeye Model C-50-SE is a 50 pound wheeled carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

Discharge Time and Range:
The Buckeye Model C-50-SE has a discharge time of 40 seconds (half of the Buckeye Model C-100-SE) of continual spray and a range of 15 feet. However, environmental conditions such as the wind, temperature, or humidity may affect the effective discharge range.

Unit Weight:
The Buckeye Model C-50-SE weighs a total of 286 lbs (130 kg).

The Buckeye Model C-50-SE is 60 inches (165.1 cm) in height, 31 inches (76.2 cm) in width and 21 inches (53.3 cm) in depth.

The Buckeye Model C-50-SE comes fitted with a 15-foot hose which is .50 inches in diameter.

Wheel Type and Size:
The Buckeye Model C-50-SE comes with solid rubber wheels that are 16 inches (40.6 cm) by 4 inches (10.2 cm). The solid rubber tires ensure that the wheels will never go flat, unlike other models.

Additional Features:
– Made in the USA
– Stored pressure unit
– DOT/TC compliant
– Steel frame
– UL/ULC approved
– Plated Brass valve and discharge nozzles
– Epoxy powder coating
– Meets the ANSI/UL 299 and ANSI/UL 711 standards

Related Questions

Is there a smaller Buckeye Carbon Dioxide Wheeled Fire Extinguisher available?
No! If you are looking for a smaller carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, it would need to be a portable fire extinguisher.  Buckeye fire equipment makes a 50lbs and 100lbs wheeled Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher.
C-50-SE Carbon Dioxide (Buckeye)

C-100-SE Carbon Dioxide (Buckeye)

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Can the Buckeye Model C-50-SE be used on oil rigs or boat docks?
While the Buckeye Model C-50-SE is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, fire extinguishers that are used offshore on oil rigs or along the coastline where the extreme weather environment may cause rust or damage to the fire extinguisher, it is recommended that an offshore fire extinguisher is used. The Buckeye Model C-50-SE is NOT built for offshore storage and use.

Offshore fire extinguishers are coated with extra layers of galvanized compound to prevent rust and corrosion that may occur.

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Can the Buckeye Model C-50-SE be used on sensitive electrical equipment?
YES! The Buckeye Model C-50-SE is a great option for businesses and government agencies that use sensitive equipment.

It is important to note that only fire extinguishers that use residue-free extinguishing agents, (clean agents) are suitable for sensitive electrical equipment. The two clean agent fire extinguisher types are Carbon Dioxide and Halotron I.

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