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Fire Extinguisher Tamper Seals

Tamper seals for fire extinguishers are required by NFPA standards, which include the need to change out fire extinguisher tamper seals on a regular basis, especially when maintenance checks are performed.

Fire Extinguisher Tamper Seal has fire extinguisher tamper seals in various colors: black, red, green, yellow, and blue. Our tamper seals are UL recognized and will help you stay in compliance with fire safety regulations. The fire extinguisher tamper seals come in boxes of 500.

NFPA regulation mandates that new tamper seals be installed on rechargeable fire extinguishers whenever maintenance is performed  – See NFPA 10(98), Sec. 4-4.2.1

“new tamper seals are required to be installed whenever maintenance is performed on rechargeable fire extinguishers”

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