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Offshore Line of Fire Extinguishers

Off Shore Fire Extinguishers

Offshore Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

The line of Offshore Wheeled Fire Extinguishers are an essential component of fire protection for ship docs, off shore rigs, and ships. These environments of wind, water, sun and salt provide some unique challenges to maintaining fire fighting equipment in effective working order. In addition to providing all the benefits of wheeled fire extinguishers, the Offshore line is designed and manufactured with added features to be extra tough to meet these unique challenges. They include:

  • A rugged steel cylinder and wheeled model frame treated with a galvanizing compound undercoat, baked-on enamel top coat, and protective clear coat finish to prevent corrosion and fading from exposure to sun and sea.
  • Stainless steel operating levers, plated brass valves, and plated brass guard around pressure gauge provide additional damage protection against the ravages nature can deliver.
  • Components are tested and pass a 3000-hour salt spray test for added protection. 

The Offshore Wheeled Fire Extinguishers come in varying models that use:

  • ABC dry chemicalmultipurpose agent Monoammonium Phosphate effective in fighting Class A, Class B, and Class C fires (involving energized electrical equipment)
  • Purple K dry chemical agent effective in extinguishing Class B flammable liquid and is also effective in fighting Class C fires associated with energized electrical equipment
  • Halotron primarily used when extinguishing fires involving sensitive electrical equipment as it will not leave a corrosive residue, does not cause a chilling effect on electronic components, does not need to be cleaned up after the fire is extinguished, and can be used on Class A, B, and C fires.

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