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Halotron Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

Wheeled Fire Extinguisher with Halotron Fire Suppression Agent

Wheeled fire extinguishers are an essential component of fire protection programs for industrial and commercial operations. Commonly used in ship docks, ships, refineries, construction sites, chemical plants, storage facilities, laboratories, and any other facilities where the need to transport a heavy-duty fire extinguisher is required. Halotron is a gas that interrupts the chemical reaction that takes place when fuel burns. Used primarily when extinguishing fires involving sensitive electrical equipment as it will not leave a corrosive residue, does not cause a chilling effect on electronic components, does not need to be cleaned up after the fire is extinguished, and can be used on Class A, B, and C fires.

The smaller 65 lb. wheeled fire extinguisher model comes with either a 25-foot hose and all larger wheeled fire extinguisher models provide a 40-foot hose for even further reach. Their durable construction, broad base of support, and functional design allow for ease of transport and maneuverability, ensuring that it can be operated by a single person and moved through doorways, down narrow corridors and around obstacles.

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