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18-Inch Orange PVC Traffic Cone – TruForce Safety


Traffic cones made by TruForce are made of highly flexible PVC. They bounce back from being crushed, and their structure is solid, rugged, and ready to take on the traffic world. This 18-inch cone is a standard size for many traffic control scenarios.


  1. High-Quality PVC Construction: Made from durable PVC material that can withstand tough conditions and resist damage.
  2. Vibrant Orange Color: High-visibility, bright orange color ensures clear visibility, even in low light or adverse weather conditions.
  3. 18-Inch Height: The ideal size for a wide range of applications, providing clear guidance and warnings.
  4. Sturdy Square Base: Designed to remain stable and firmly in place, even in windy conditions, reducing the risk of tipping.
  5. Stackable Design: Easily stackable for efficient storage and transportation, saving valuable space.
  6. Reflective Collar: Equipped with a reflective collar that enhances visibility at night, increasing safety.
  7. Multipurpose Use: Suitable for a variety of applications, including road construction, traffic management, parking lots, and event organization.
  8. Durable and Long-Lasting: Built to withstand the test of time, ensuring a long service life.
  9. Compliance with Safety Regulations: Meets industry standards and regulations for traffic safety equipment.
  10. TruForce Safety Quality: Backed by the reputation of TruForce Safety for high-quality safety products.
  11. Easy Handling: Lightweight and easy to transport, set up, and store as needed.
  12. Cost-Effective: An affordable solution to enhance safety and organization on roadways and work sites.

Choose the 18-Inch Orange PVC Traffic Cone from TruForce Safety for a reliable and durable traffic management solution that prioritizes safety and visibility.

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TruForce is a widely recognized name in the safety industry which has proven to be the ultimate solution for enhancing road safety and organization. Designed for maximum visibility and durability, this traffic cone is a must-have for traffic management, construction sites, parking lots, and events.

Constructed from high-quality PVC material, our cones are built to withstand the harshest conditions. The vibrant orange color ensures exceptional visibility day or night, even in adverse weather. Its 18-inch height makes it the perfect size for a wide range of applications, providing clear guidance and warnings to drivers and pedestrians.

Featuring a sturdy square base, this cone stands firmly in place, even in windy conditions. It is designed for easy stacking and storage, making it a convenient choice for transportation and storage. Its reflective collar enhances visibility at night, further increasing safety.

Choose TruForce Safety’s 18-Inch Orange PVC Traffic Cone for top-tier quality and unbeatable reliability. Ensure a safer and more organized environment with a product that stands up to the test of time. also carries traffic cones in larger sizes as well as cones that have reflective collars.

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