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Akro-Cart Medium-Duty Bulk Material Transport Cart – Gray


Akro-Cart's grays medium-duty material transport cart holds up to 90 gallons worth of stuff that you need to have moved. Purchase this transport cart for your construction company, your clean-up crew, or whoever has materials that need to be hauled around.


Here’s another great product from Akro-Cart. Use this bulk material transport cart to move tools, debris from clean-up, or other loose items on your construction site, industrial facility, or other workplace where stuff just needs to be packed up and moved .

This material transport cart is made for medium duty situations. The low-profile carts have thick tub walls, wide mouths, and latch bars that extend around their frames to make them easy to load.

This material transport cart is also made with heavy-duty piano hinges that keep the lids open during use, while swivel casters make for easy maneuverability and handling.

Capacity: 90 gal.

Dimension: 39 1/2″H x 30 1/2″W x 47″D.

Check out Akro-Cart’s video below for more details about their durable transport carts.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs