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Amerex 100 lb Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Wheeled Fire Extinguisher (AX334)


The Amerex Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 100 lb Wheeled Fire Extinguisher is a double cylinder model fitted to a rugged steel carriage. This unit comes with an easy to operate with a “T” handle brass valve for quick opening, squeeze grip chrome plated discharge valve, and a horn mounted shut-off valve for prompt turn off. This model uses carbon dioxide (CO2) fire extinguishing agent for Class B:C fires where a non-contaminating agent is required for effective fire extinguishing capability and protection of sensitive electrical equipment. A reinforced wire braided hose and shock resistant horn work to reduce static electricity.


Amerex Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of hand-held and wheeled fire extinguishers and other firefighting products. Based in Trussville, Alabama and established in 1971, Amerex has emerged as a recognized world leader in the development and manufacture of firefighting technologies. Amerex has developed and continues to develop innovative firefighting products including a comprehensive line of fire extinguishers, vehicle fire suppression systems, gas and fire detection systems, and pre-engineered automatic restaurant systems.

Amerex’s reputation for innovation in the development and manufacture of quality products, and the delivery of quality service and support to all its customers, has earned it the title of “Excellence” in the fire protection industry.

Features of the Amerex Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Wheeled Fire Extinguisher include:

  • 100 lb. (45.4 kg) Tank Size: intended for mid-scale fire protection needs
  • UL Rating of 20B:C used for fighting Class B (flammable liquid) and Class C (energized electrical equipment) fires
  • Operating Temperature Range: -22° to 120°F (-30° to 49°C)
  • Discharge Time 74 -8 sec., discharge range 10-15 ft. (3.04-4.5.7 m)
  • Hose Length: 40 ft. (12.1m), Hose Diameter: .25 in (.635 cm)
  • Unit Height x Width x Depth: 47” x 23” x 48” (119 x 58.4 x 122 cm)
  • Shipping weight: 461 lb. (209.3 kg)
  • Full Pneumatic Rubber Wheels: 16 x 4 (40.64 x 10.16)
  • USCG approved
  • Optional Features: semi-pneumatic wheels

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Suppression Agent

Carbon dioxide is most effective on Class B and Class C fires and has non-conductive properties, so it can be used on electrical (anything plugged in) fires and is residue-free and will not cause corrosive destruction to electrical equipment. When the carbon dioxide is discharged from the canister it expands and cools the surrounding air as it extinguishes the fire.

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Weight 375 lbs