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Badger™ Extra Extinguisher 5-Pound BC-Class with Wall Hook


The Badger Extra 5 pound BC Class fire extinguisher (model B5BC) with wall hook is a reliable and effective solution for putting out small to medium-sized fires in homes, businesses, and other buildings. This fire extinguisher is rated for Class BC fires, which include fires that involve flammable liquids and gases, electrical equipment, and cooking fires.

The Badger Extra fire extinguisher has a 5-pound capacity and measures approximately 16 inches in height and 6 inches in diameter, making it easy to handle and store. It comes equipped with a durable metal handle and wall hook for easy accessibility, allowing you to mount the extinguisher in a convenient location. The fire extinguisher also features a clear, pressure gauge that indicates the level of extinguishing agent, so you know when it’s time to recharge.

The Badger Extra fire extinguisher is equipped with a discharge hose that provides a strong and precise stream of extinguishing agent, making it easier to direct the agent at the base of the fire. The fire extinguisher also has a clear instruction label that outlines how to operate the unit in the event of a fire, ensuring that even inexperienced users can effectively use the extinguisher.

In summary, the Badger Extra 5 pound BC Class fire extinguisher with wall hook is a safe, efficient, and affordable solution for fire protection in homes, businesses, and other buildings. Its lightweight design and easy-to-use features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for peace of mind in case of a fire emergency.


The Badger™ B5BC is an extremely versatile, stored-pressure. It is a dry chemical extinguisher that easily tackles  most fire risks found in commercial, industrial, and domestic applications.

Features of the Badger™ B5BC fire extinguisher include:

Size: 5 lb
Dimensions: 15 1/4″H x 7 1/4″W x 4 1/4″D
Technical Data:
Model Number: B5BC
UL Rating: 40B:C
Class: BC
Cylinder Material: Steel
Recharge Expellant: Nitrogen
Operating Pressure: 195 psi
Temperature Range: -40°F–120°F
Agent Flow Rate: 0.41 lb/sec
Discharge Time: 13.5 sec
Discharge Range: 12–18 ft
Shipping Weight: 10 lb, 6 oz
USCG Approval: Type B:C, Size I
Bracket: MB-5

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs