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Badger™ Extra Water Extinguisher 2.5 gal with Wall Hook


The Badger™ WP-61 water fire extinguisher is good for anywhere Class A fires involving common combustibles such as trash, fabrics, wood, plastic and paper . Water is economical and easy to clean up. They should not be used on B or C class fires as the water could spread the flammable liquids or create a shock hazard around electrical equipment. The time proven design of the Badger WP-61 Water fire extinguisher makes it extremely effective, simple to use, inexpensive and easy to recharge.

NOTE: Ships empty. For specific recharge instructions, refer to the nameplate and service manual (P/N 24642).


Water fire extinguishers have several benefits, including:

  1. Effective on Class A fires: Water fire extinguishers are highly effective on Class A fires, which involve ordinary combustibles like wood, paper, cloth, and rubber. They work by cooling the fuel and removing heat from the fire, which can extinguish the flames. This makes them a good choice for situations where these types of materials are present and where the DOT requires Class A fire protection.
  2. Readily available: Water fire extinguishers are readily available and widely used, which means they are often easy to find in buildings and other locations. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other types of fire extinguishers.
  3. Environmentally friendly: Water fire extinguishers are non-toxic and non-corrosive, which means they are safe to use in environments where there are people or sensitive equipment. They are also less likely to cause damage to the environment or surrounding structures, making them an eco-friendly choice.
  4. Safe to use: Water fire extinguishers are generally safe to use and pose little risk of harm to people or property. They do not leave behind any residue or chemicals that can damage surfaces or electronics.
  5. No cleanup required: Water fire extinguishers leave no residue after use, which means there is no cleanup required after a fire has been extinguished. This can save time and money compared to other types of fire extinguishers that may require extensive cleanup.
  6. Easy to Recharge: This extinguisher comes with a nameplate with specific and easy instructions for recharging. Also, the video below shows how to recharge water fire extinguishers.
  7. Cost-effective: Water fire extinguishers are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of fire extinguishers. This makes them a cost-effective solution for meeting DOT requirements for fire protection, especially in situations where Class A fires are the most likely to occur.
  8. Extended Discharge Time: With the small capacity of only 2.5 gallons, the Badger Extra Water Fire Extinguisher offers an extended discharge time of 55 seconds, allowing more time when/if it has to be used.
  9. Extended Range: The Badger Extra Water Fire Extinguisher offers an extended range of 30′-45′ to provide a safe distance between the user and the fire hazard.

However, it is important to note that water fire extinguishers should not be used on fires involving flammable liquids or electrical equipment, as water can cause these types of fires to spread or result in electrical shock. In such cases, it is important to use a different type of fire extinguisher that is specifically designed for those types of fires.

NOTE: Ships empty. For specific recharge instructions, refer to the nameplate and service manual (P/N 24642).


  • Heavy-duty chrome plated brass valves
  • Comfortable stainless steel handles and operating levers
  • Large loop stainless steel pull pins with retention tether
  • Hex valve collar tightening ring for easy recharge
  • UL listed—Meets D.O.T. requirements
  • Six year warranty • Full stainless steel cylinder and base
  • Easy-to-read two-piece nameplates


  • Size: 2.5 gal (9.46L)
  • Model Number: WP-61
  • UL Rating: 2A
  • Class: A
  • Cylinder Material: Stainless Steel
  • Valve Material: Plated Brass
  • Handle/Lever Material: Stainless Steel
  • Recharge Expellant: Nitrogen/Air
  • Operating Pressure: 100 psi
  • Temperature Range: 33°F–120°F (0.6C – 48.9C)
  • Discharge Time: 55 sec
  • Discharge Range: 30–45 ft (9.1m – 13.7m)
  • Shipping Weight: 8 lb (3.6kg)
  • Unit Height: 24.75in (62.9cm)
  • Unit width: 8.75in (22.2cm)
  • Unit Depth: 7in (17.8cm)
  • Bracket: UB-20 (Not Included)

How to Recharge a Water Fire Extinguisher:

  1. Ensure that the fire extinguisher is completely discharged and empty. You can do this by testing the nozzle to see if it produces any discharge. If it does, continue to discharge the extinguisher until it is empty.
  2. Check the manufacturer’s instructions or label to determine the appropriate type of water to use in the extinguisher. Distilled or demineralized water is recommended to prevent the buildup of mineral deposits.
  3. Remove the head of the extinguisher using a wrench or pliers, and then empty any remaining water from the tank.
  4. Clean the inside of the tank with a clean rag to remove any residue or debris.
  5. Refill the tank with the appropriate amount of distilled or demineralized water, taking care not to overfill it.
  6. Replace the head of the extinguisher and tighten it with a wrench or pliers.
  7. Use an air compressor to pressurize the tank, making sure the gauge indicator is within the acceptable range.
  8. Test the extinguisher to ensure that it is properly pressurized and operational. You can do this by checking the pressure gauge or testing the nozzle to see if it produces a steady stream of water.
  9. Label the extinguisher with the recharge date and any other relevant information, such as the type of water used.
  10. If you are not comfortable or familiar with recharging a water fire extinguisher, it is best to consult with a professional fire safety technician or contact the manufacturer for guidance.


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 8.75 × 24.75 in