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Brooks Fiberglass Fire Blanket with Storage and Dispenser Case


The Brooks 650203 Flame Retardant Fiberglass Fire Blanket can be used to put out cooking fires in the kitchen or to smother the flames on a person whose clothing or hair has caught fire.


Brooks Fiberglass Fire Blanket with Storage and Dispenser Cabinet

Mount the Brooks 650203 fire blanket in a place where it will most likely be needed.  This fiberglass fire blanket comes with a case so that it can be stored in the kitchen or wherever else makes the most sense.  When a fire breaks out a responder can quickly remove the fire blanket from the mounted case and address the fire right away.

This product consists of a 72-inch by 48-inch fiberclass blanket and a low-profile plastic cabinet.  This fire protection device also comes complete with instruction labels and pull straps for quick deployment. The case has dimensions: 14.25-inch H x 6.25-inch W x 1.25-inch D.

This fire blanket is intended for single use.

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Weight 2 lbs