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Brooks Mark II Jr White/Clear Indoor Fire Extinguisher Cabinet


Purchase the Brooks Mark II Jr. white fire extinguisher cabinet for indoor use to strategically store fire extinguishers in your facility. This cabinet is popular for facilities because of its combined functionality and price. This cabinet has a white tub and a clear cover.


This Mark II Jr. fire extinguisher cabinet from Brooks Equipment has a white tub and a clear cover. This cabinet is designed for use indoor storage of fire extinguishers. Its dimensions are: 19 7/8″H x 9″W x 6 3/8″D

Mark II Jr. fire extinguisher cabinets are made with injection-molded high-impact ABS material which give them superior durability over competing brands. These extinguisher cabinets make it easy to strategically keep fire extinguishers throughout a facility. The Brooks brand made by Logistics Supply has long been known as one of the leaders in the safety industry, especially fire safety. Brooks products are used in buildings throughout the United States and internationally

These competitively-priced fire extinguisher cabinets are manufactured to resist denting, rusting, or corrosion. They are also designed to have lots of storage space, making extinguisher placement easy and convenient. Their unique design eliminates a breaker bar and broken glass too.

The Mark II Jr. cabinets are designed to be nested together when not in use, making it so that they require less storage space and making them more convenient to ship. carries several Mark I and Mark II fire extinguisher cabinets for both indoor and outdoor storage environments.

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Weight 50 lbs