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Emergency Exit sign (Printed UV Inks)


This Strong and Rigid Plastic ‘EXIT’ sign is designed to clearly show where the Exit to the room or building is located so that individuals can easily to find their way out of the room or building during an emergency.

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In the workplace and other public settings, OSHA requires that all exits be clearly identified to potential users during an emergency. This Highly durable ‘EXIT sign is made of rigid plastic and printed UV inks for better visual during emergencies.

The Emergency EXIT signs are to be clearly visible and placed in such a way that users are able to locate the sign and navigate their way out of a building during an emergency. Additionally, the signs need to be placed above all exits.

A poorly placed sign can prevent individuals from quickly and effectively exiting a building during an emergency.

Sign Features:
– Printed UV Inks
– 1/32” thick
– Keyhole slots for easy perpendicular mounting
– 12” x 8”
– Red sign with White Lettering

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Weight 1 lbs