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Heavy Duty Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Cover for 150 Pound Extinguisher


Outfit your warehouse, work complex, or other industrial setting with a rugged heavy duty fire extinguisher cover designed to protect 150-pound wheeled extinguishers from the damaging effects of UV rays, dirt and debris, and corrosion.


This fire extinguisher cover, distributed by Logistics Supply, is made of a rugged heavy duty material that protects better and last longer against the effects of UV rays, dirt and debris, and corrosion that naturally occurs on the metal surfaces of fire extinguishers, especially in harsh industrial environments.

This fire extinguisher is designed for use with a 150-pound wheeled fire extinguisher. The dimensions of the cover are 53 inches tall x 42 inches wide x 30 inches deep.

Use this cover to protect your fire extinguishers from debris and corrosion, and make sure they’re ready for use when it’s time to deal with an emergency.

This wheeled fire extinguisher cover uses hook-and-loop (“velcro”) closures. It is red with black imprint wording “WHEELED FIRE EXTINGUISHER” to clearly indicate its purpose. The cover also has black trim.