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Kidde Disposable Kitchen Fire Extinguisher BC-Class 2.75 Pounds with Wall Hook


Having a Kidde FX10K Disposable Fire Extinguisher in your kitchen is a solid economical way to fight fires started with cooking oil and grease and prevent your kitchen from going up in smoke and flames.


When your kitchen catches fire, it’s too late to prepare for that kind of an emergency. Make sure you’re ready now by purchasing a disposable kitchen fire extinguisher to keep in a convenient spot in or close to your kitchen.

This Kidde disposable kitchen fire extinguisher is an economical way to make sure that a kitchen fire doesn’t get out of hand. This BC class fire extinguisher is designed specifically to put out cooking grease and oil fires.

Dependable and affordable, these single-use fire extinguishers offer excellent fire protection in and around the home or office. They come standard with corrosion-resistant powder-coated cylinders.

Features of the Kidde FX10K Disposable Fire Extinguisher include:

  • Size: 2.75 lb
  • Dimensions: 14 5/16″H x 4 3/4″W x 3 1/4″D
  • Technical Data:
    • Model Number: FX10K
    • UL Rating: 10B:C
    • Class: BC
    • Cylinder Material: Aluminum
    • Recharge Expellant: Nitrogen
    • Operating Pressure: 100 psi
    • Discharge Time: 8–12 sec
    • Discharge Range: 6–8 ft
    • Shipping Wt: 3.9 lb
  • Properties:
    • Suitable for fires common to the kitchen—cooking grease and oils
    • Pressure gauge provides at-a-glance status
    • Bilingual nameplate and carton
    • Easy-to-pull safety pin
    • Powder coated cylinder for corrosion protection
    • 10-year limited warranty