Kidde Non-Magnetic MRI Extinguisher 5-Pound ABC-Class with Wall Hook

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The Kidde XL5 MR has been independently tested and given an MR rating meaning it is specifically designed and protect occupancy areas outside of magnetic resonance imaging suites.

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The Kidde XL5 MR fire extinguisher is specifically designed to be used in conditions where magnetic items would be hazardous.

Features of the Kidde XL5 MR fire extinguisher include:

Size: 20 lb
Dimensions: 16″H x 7 1/2″W x 4 1/2″D
Technical Data:
Model Number: XL5 MR
UL Rating: 3A:40B:C
Class: ABC
Cylinder Material: Aluminum
Recharge Expellant: Nitrogen
Operating Pressure: 195 psi
Discharge Time: 26-28 sec
Discharge Range: 13-15 ft
Shipping Weight: 7.75 lb
Easy-to-pull safety pin
Powder coated cylinder for corrosion protection
6-year limited warranty