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Kidde Pro Line Extinguisher 2.5-Pound ABC-Class With Wall Hook


This unit uses a non-toxic monoammonium phosphate agent that effectively fights fires involving trash, paper, wood, liquids, and electrical equipment.


Don’t be caught wishing you had a fire extinguisher on hand once a fire ignites. Make sure that you have the proper equipment for your circumstances.

The Kidde PRO 2.5 MP extinguisher is designed to meet most commercial and industrial applications. The seamless cylinder comes with chip-resistant paint, and its handle and lever are made of pressed heavy-gauge metal for added strength. Use the handy at-a-glance gauge to check the extinguishers pressure.

Size: 2.5 lb
Dimensions: 14 1/4″H x 5 5/16″W x 3 1/4″D
Technical Data:
Model Number: PRO 2.5 MP
UL Rating: 1A:10B:C
Class: ABC
Cylinder Material: Aluminum
Recharge Expellant: Nitrogen
Operating Pressure: 100 psi
Discharge Time: 8–12 sec
Discharge Range: 10–15 ft
Shipping Weight: 3.9 lb
USCG Approval: Yes (w/ mounting bracket)
Bracket: 466401
Pressure gauge provides at-a-glance status
Easy-to-pull safety pin
Powder coated cylinder for corrosion protection
6-year limited warranty

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs