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Kong Futura Left Foot Caving Ascender Climbing Rope Clamp


The Kong Futura Left Foot Ascender is a great companion to other Kong climbing products.  Use it to improve climbing performance and efficiency.


Kong Futura Left Foot Caving Ascender Climbing Rope Clamp

Use the Futura Foot Ascender together with Kong’s Futura hand and chest ascenders to increase rope climbing performance.  This ascender is designed specifically for caving, but can also be used for general climbing, yachting, mountaineering, professionals working at heights, and rescue operations.

The Futura ascender line is a radical new approach to climbing ropes. Futura ascenders were designed by top cavers to navigate tight places in the most remote areas on the earth’s surface as well as inside of it. Surprisingly simple the new designs are comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic grips. Add the foot ascenders and you have a super light super efficient ascension system.

Kong’s Futura Foot Ascender is available in a right foot and a left foot version.  This product is the left foot ascender.  The right foot ascender is also available from

Technical Specs of Kong Futura Foot Ascender:

  • Weight: 125 grams
  • Rope Diameter: Ø 9mm-13mm

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs