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Kong Futura Sport Ascender Left Hand Climbing Rope Clamp


The Kong Futura Sport Ascender Climbing Rope Clamp is the perfect ascender device for people who like caving and other aid climbing activities.

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Kong Futura Sport Left Hand Ascender Climbing Rope Clamp

The Futura is a radical new approach to using climbing ropes. Designed by top cavers for tight places in the most remote areas on earth (or under it). The Futura Sport Ascender is a revolutionary fall-arrester based upon its extremely tiny dimensions (only 125g) and ergonomic shape. The small size of the Futura Sport allows the users hand to sit comfortably inside the device, close to the rope in the same way as you would grabbing the actual rope.

The Futura Sport designs is surprisingly simple and comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic grips. Add the foot ascenders and you have a super light super efficient ascension system.

The Kong Futura Sport Ascender is available in right and left hand versions. This product is the left hand version. also sells the left hand ascender that matches this ascender to form a climbing pair.

The Futura climbing system, including these ascenders, enables excellent performance with caving.  Cavers have reported a 30%-efficiency’s increase during ascent using Futura ascenders.

Kong Futura Sport Ascender Technical Specs:

  • Weight: 125 grams
  • Rope Diameter: Ø 9mm-13mm
  • Hand Ascender CE EN567 EN12841/B NFPA-L 1983:06 and UIAA Certified

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