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Large Heavy Duty Fire Extinguisher Cover – Reinforced Vinyl – 31in x 16.5in


A heavy duty fire extinguisher from will keep your fire extinguisher ready for operation and prepared for an emergency. We have heavy duty fire extinguisher covers in several different sizes. This one is the largest of the Logitiscs reinforced vinyl extinguisher covers.


This heavy duty fire extinguisher cover is one of the largest sized extinguisher covers made by Logistics.  It is 31in x 16.5in, six inches taller than Logistics’ similar 25in version of their line of heavy duty reinforced vinyl fire extinguishers.

This cover is perfect for keeping your fire extinguisher safe, clean, and ready for use during an emergency. Made of reinforced vinyl, this fire extinguisher cover is designed to stand up to harsh environments and keep fire extinguishers prepared for service.

This fire extinguisher cover is designed to fit portable, pressurized, and cartridge-operated fire extinguishers.

Made by Logistics, this heavy duty cover features hook-and-loop (“velcro”) closures or elastic backs with pull bottom tabs or straps. The cover fits portable, pressurized, and cartridge-operated extinguishers.

This cover is red, as pictured.

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Weight 1 lbs