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Medium Fire Extinguisher Cover With Clear Window Reinforced Vinyl 25in x 16.5in


This Logistics fire extinguisher is made of reinforced vinyl. Use it to protect your large fire extinguisher to it will be prepared to protect you during an emergency.


This medium-sized fire extinguisher cover from Logistics Supply is made of reinforced vinyl and has a transparent window that allows for quick inspection of the fire extinguisher service tag.

This fire extinguisher cover is 25 inches tall by 16.5 inches wide, which makes it a good fit for medium-sized fire extinguishers used in residential environments as well as in some industrial settings.

The fire extinguisher cover has a hook-and-loop (“velcro”) cover.  It is red, labeled clearly with large black imprints “FIRE EXT. KEEP CLEAR”. There is also black trim along the bottom edge of the cover.

Purchase your fire extinguisher cover from and have it shipped within one day, so you can be prepared sooner.

We keep lots of these covers in stock, so if you need to purchase in bulk, we can fulfill your order.

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Weight 1 lbs