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Polycarbonate 1 1/2″ National Standard Thread (NST) Electrical Fire Hose Nozzle


This polycarbonate NST fire hose nozzle puts out 78 gallons per minute and offers both solid stream and fog stream options. It has a convenient shut off feature and is more affordable than its brass counterparts. Used on switching panels and electrical equipment.

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Polycarbonate fire hose nozzles are an economical alternative to the brass versions. They have no recycle value, which makes the likelihood of theft low as well.

National Standard Thread (NST) is the most commonly used thread by fire departments and it is used mainly with discharge hose couplings, or low-pressure water suction.

The E15NSTBR fire hose nozzle is a 1 1/2″ NST electrical nozzle and puts out 78 gallons per minute (gpm), it offers a fog stream water flow, which means that the water is dispersed from the nozzle in droplets. It is used on switching panels and electrical equipment.

Shut off is also available meaning the stream of water can shut off at the nozzle and does not have to be at the water source.

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