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Rothco 16in Expandable Steel Friction Lock Police Baton


This Rothco expandable police baton uses a friction lock mechanism to expand to 16 inches long. This baton is built to be compact, durable, and efficient for use in law enforcement, public safety, military and other tactical environments. Here are the most signficant details of this police baton:

  • Baton expands to 16 inches, designed to be compact and light weight.
  • Steel shaft with friction lock mechanism
  • Comfort foam grip handle designed to be ergonomic
  • Nylon sheath included with the baton (fits Rothco duty belt).
  • Color: black
  • Made in Taiwan


This police baton, made by Rothco, is an expandable baton that uses a friction lock mechanism for expanding and collapsing the steel shaft. This version of the is baton expands to be 16 inches long. Other version of this expandable steel police baton are also available in lengths of 21 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches, and 31 inches.

When and Why to use a 16in Police Baton

Police batons, including those made by ASP and other popular baton manufacturers, are made in standard sizes that range from 16 in inches to 31 inches, with the most common baton lengths being 16in, 21in, and 26in.

16in batons are typical less expensive, lighter, and more compact than the larger sizes. This makes them good for use in law enforcement academies and for other situations where there is not as large a budget for police batons, but having a effective baton is necessary.

This 16in version is the smallest version made by Rothco, and is designed to be highly portable, often stored in a car’s glovebox or other small compartment especially for use in emergency scenarios.

The 16in police baton also has an advantage over larger sizes in that it is easier to conceal.

Comparing the 16in Police Baton with Other Sizes

The graphic below shows the Rothco 16in expandable steel police baton side by side with larger versions of this baton model, including 21in, 24in, 26in, and 31in. Each of these larger batons is also available from The larger police batons are not as nimble as this 16in baton, but they offer advantages as well, including for use in controlling large crowds and in riot situations.

Rothco Expandable Steel Police Batons Nylon Sheath

How to Use Friction Lock Expansion Mechanism

This police baton uses friction lock as the mechanism for opening and closing the baton. The video below, although it uses a different friction lock baton, is a good demonstration of how to operate a friction lock. This video should help you understand how to effectively open and close a friction lock baton and should give you a feel of how it works.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs