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Rothco Quick Draw Tactical Vest for Law Enforcement


Whether you are military, law enforcement, or an avid marksman, the Rothco Quick Draw Tactical Vest will help provide a feeling of preparedness for any situation or event. With its multiple magazine pouches for your rifle, pistol, as well as 5 extra shotgun shell loops, you will have ample rounds at your ready. The adjustable pistol holder, which is designed to fit any full size frame handgun, is strategically placed on the left side for an effective right handed draw. With multiple inner pouches and an All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE) Clip Webbing on backside of the vest, there will be no shortage of space for the rest of your gear. With its adjustable straps that fit most adult frames, this vest is constructed with 600D polyester for durability as well as a nylon mesh for breathability.


Size: Adult (Adjustable)

Manufacturer: Rothco

Color: Black Fabric

Material: 100% Polyester

Closure Type: Zipper

Pockets: 8

Weather: All Weather

Shipping Dimensions – 20″x21″x2″ (2.25lbs)

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Rothco Quick Draw Tactical Vest for Law Enforcement

Tactical Vest vs Plate Carrier Vest

A Tactical Vest does not provide the same level of protection as a plate carrier vest, however the tactical vests have been strategically designed for military and law enforcement recognizance missions, providing a more lightweight option for quick and quiet missions. Tactical vests typically have adjustable sizes and zipper closures to make taking them off and putting them on simpler. Additionally, these vests are constructed with more breathable material to provide comfort. Tactical vests provide ample pockets and pouches, in addition to Molle (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment), to ensure all ammo, equipment, or firearms can be carried easily and effectively.

A Plate Carrier Vest is designed with pockets for armor plates to be installed that provides an excellent level of protection for military and law enforcement. The plate carrier can accommodate light or hard plate material to be used, depending on the mission. The plate carriers are obviously more heavy than tactical vests, but still allows the load to be more evenly distributed across the body compared to belt options. These vests do NOT have zippers and are worn by slipping over the head, but do come with adjustable straps and Cumberland for a secure fit. Plate carriers typically have less pouches or pockets attached than tactical vests, but still have enough Molle strips to attach your own gear, ammo, or equipment. Some plate carrier users have reported than these vests can restrict certain movements and lessen agility, but the level of protection is unmatched.

In summary, each vest has its strengths and purpose, depending on the mission. Tactical vests are lightweight and can carry a lot of ammo, equipment, or accessories for quiet and quick missions, while plate carrier vests are more heavy, but provide better protection for the more dangerous missions.

Other Uses for Tactical Vests

For military, law enforcement, or any other security personnel, the intent of a tactical vest is clear, however, tactical vests have found a place in a wide variety of other recreational or home safety venues. For example:

Paintball and Airsoft – When paint or plastic start flying, these vests are constructed with thick polyester to help shield any attack. The Rothco Quick Draw Tactical Vest for example is 600D polyester, the “D” stands for “denier”, which is a unit of measure indicating the thickness and weight of the material used, and ranges up to 1000D. With thicker material to absorb potential hits and ample space for your paintball or airsoft accessories or holsters, you will be ready to go up against the best of the best.

Fishing – Tactical Vests are becoming more popular among fisherman, as the multiple pockets and pouches provide a perfect and comfortable way to carry your gear, while reeling in a monster. For those that feel more comfortable carrying a sidearm while fishing a remote river or lake, the tactical vest allows the perfect solution to easily carry a sidearm with plenty of ammo along with plenty of fishing gear.

Hiking – For those hikers looking to be prepared, regardless of the distance or complexity of a hike, a tactical vest will allow hikers to pack water, radio, flashlights, first aid kits, or anything else in a comfortable way. In many scenario’s, the tactical vest can replace the need of a backpack and more evenly distribute the weight across the body resulting in less fatigue for the big hike.

Home Safety– Tactical vests can be a great way to consolidate, organize, and prepare yourself and your family for any situation. With its multiple pistol and rifle magazine pouches and a handgun holster attached, the only thing you need to think about , is grabbing the tactical vest.

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Weight 5 lbs