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Rothco Deluxe Law Enforcement Gear Bag


How many bags have you purchased that end up unorganized and messy after the first week of use? Whether you’re law enforcement, a public safety professional, or you just need to keep your things organized, the Rothco Deluxe Law Enforcement Gear Bag will provide organization and capacity with its ample amount of compartments and pockets to neatly organize your material or gear, and keep it that way. The main compartment features removable liners and dividers to better accommodate your needs. This bag has two large pockets on each end with cargo handles, a large front zippered compartment, an additional large pocket and pouch on the top flap, along with several other smaller zippered compartments and one accessory pouch. Constructed with durable 900D Polyester with a water resistant bottom, this bag will hold up in most conditions and can easily and comfortably be worn with the adjustable and cushioned shoulder strap.


Color: Black

Material Specs: 900D Polyester

Dimensions: 24.5″ x 12″ x 11″

Brand: Rothco

Closures And Fasteners: Zipper Compartments

Pockets: 10 ( Main Compartment Has Removable Liner & Dividers, Two Large Outside Pockets On Each End, Inside Of Top Flap Has Large Pocket With Smaller Pouch, Large Front Zippered Compartment, Two Smaller Front Zipper Pouches, Back Of Bag Has Zippered Compartment, One Accessories Pouch 12.25″x8″2.25″)

Size: Adult – Cushioned Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Water Resistant: Yes (Bottom of Bag)


Rothco Deluxe Law Enforcement Gear Bag

The standard law enforcement gear checklist is no small list:

  • Dutybelt and keepers
  • Firearm & holster
  • O.C Spray
  • Baton & holder
  • Radio/battery/holder/collar mic
  • Flashlight
  • Magazine pouch and mags
  • Raincoat
  • Dry socks
  • Extra handcuffs
  • Disposable flex cuffs
  • Extra magazines additional ammunition
  • Extra flashlight & batteries
  • Cell phone charger
  • Multitool
  • Binoculars
  • Tape recorder
  • Camera
  • Door chocks
  • Evidence ruler
  • Pens and office supplies

This is not a complete list of items that law enforcement officials are required to have for each shift. It can be challenging going through this checklist each day and that’s why duty bags or gears bags are used to keep the majority of their checklist in one neatly organized place. The law enforcement gear bags are specifically designed with adjustable compartments to neatly organize the required equipment or gear.

Measuring Polyester Durability

The Rothco Deluxe Law Enforcement Bag is constructed out of 900D polyester. The weight of polyester (and other fabric) is measured by the “Denier” unit of measure and is indicated in specifications with a capital “D” (ex. 900D Polyester). This unit measures the thickness and weight of material. Standard fabric ranges from 40D-80D so the Rothco Deluxe Law enforcement Gear Bag at 900D for example, is definitely suited for high durability.

ISO Certified

The Rothco Deluxe Law Enforcement Gear Bag is ISO certified, which means  the “International Organization of Standardization” (ISO) – certifies that a management system, manufacturing process, service, or documentation procedure has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.

To be certified by the ISO means that you have been audited by an independent 3rd party, and that you have demonstrated your business conforms to the requirements of the latest quality process standards set by the International Standards Organization. This certification signifies that your processes work efficiently and effectively, and are consistent with the international best practices (aka The Standard).

This is beneficial for your company both internally and externally. Internally, because you are likely to build and ship better quality products that delight your customers and will arrive on-time.  And externally, because you can now market that fact to the outside business community, which would translate into higher sales levels with a better set of customers. Companies that have solid processes build high-quality products that arrive when needed, and those companies develop great reputations and followings.

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