Small Polycarbonate Bubble Cover for JL Metal Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

$195.00 $171.00

This polycarbonate bubble cover is the safest and most dependable way to protect your fire extinguisher and keep it ready for use. This bubble cover is made specifically for JL metal fire extinguisher cabinets, but may fit other cabinets as well.

Dimensions: 22 1/4-inches H x 8 1/2-inches W x 4-inches D


This polycarbonate bubble cover fits JL series metal fire extinguisher cabinets. It has dimensions: 22 1/4-inches H x 8 1/2-inches W x 4-inches D.

Use this polycarbonate cover with a JL full door style metal extinguisher cabinets.

These polycarbonate bubble covers have superior transparency, allowing for good extinguisher visibility. This polycarbonate version of the extinguisher cabinet cover is a much stronger and durable option to the cheaper and less durable acrylic version of this fire extinguisher bubble cover, which we also carry. carries the most innovative and competitively priced products for fire safety and many other facets of staying safe.