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Rockman Ranger Safety Hard Hats with Crash Box Technology and Superior Comfort


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Rockman Ranger Construction Safety Helmet with Crash Box Technology and Superior Comfort

The Ranger Safety Hard Hat is a revolutionary and *award-winning advancement in the protection against head and neck injuries. The Ranger Safety Helmet features a patented double-walled impact absorption system, known as Crashbox, a unique feature that functions like a crumple zone of a car that deflects and absorbs much of the impact energy before it even reaches the powerful 6-point suspension harness. The 6-point textile suspension harness further dissipates the force transmitted to the head and neck while providing optimal fit and comfort.

Self-releasing chin strap mounts are designed to release when the limit of their pulling force is reached to avoid the risk of strangulation. A padded headband with ratchet allows the wearer to manually adjust by turning the rachet with one hand to fit the desired snugness, adjusting from size 53-62 cm. The padded headband extends low enough in the back to provide additional protection to the base of the skull. In the front an anti-allergenic and washable sweat absorbing material covers the headband to help keep sweat from dropping into the face when working in hot or humid weather. Both of these features increase the comfort of wear to the user. An retractable eye protection device (IntegraSpec) conforms to EN 166 and can be pushed up into the helmet when not needed.

1997 iF Product Design Award
2001 Health and Safety Award
2009 Red Dot Award
2011 and 2014 Nicolaus August Otto Award
2015 Staatspreis for Design Award
2016 Frost and Sullivan New Product Innovation Award

Patented oval shaped 30 mm slots not only increase the strength of attached helmet accessories, but allow for securement of a wide-range of accessories (eye protection, headlight, visors, etc.) increasing the helmet’s functionality without compromising its safety. Ventilation holes allow air to circulate and provide a cooling effect.

Additional Features Include

  • Helmet is made with ABS/Polycarbonate virgin granulate blend that is UV stabilized to resist the weathering effects of heat, cold, and sun. While other hard hat models last only 4 years, the Ranger lasts 6 years.
  • High visibility color of the helmet shell and contrasting color of the Crashbox insert
  • Anterior helmet slot to affix an LED light
  • Bespoke reflective stickers
  • Weight: 375 g, 407 w/ IntegraSpec
  • Tested in ISO 9001 certified facilities
  • Follows EN 397 regulations
  • Ranger Safety Hard Hat also has an electrical application counterpart (E-Ranger)

NOTE: Currently only the Ranger Combo package is available – orange helmet with black Crashbox insert, eye protection and ear protection –

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs